The best response to YouTube copyright infringement of all time

W hat has Canada’s no.1 sports network done to tackle a YouTube Copyright Infringement issue?
jay and dan sportscentre

Jay and Dan – TSN Sportscentre

In Canada they have version of ESPN called TSN. Think of it like, ESPN but with humour and soul. Certainly not as dry and hardcore as ESPN.

TSN have two resident “comedians”, Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole. Search for Jan and Dan TSN on YouTube and you will get thousands of clips featuring their finest on air moments.

Some of Jay and Dan’s finest below:


Possibly the biggest uploader of them all was MrLogue1021. This user uploaded everything from TSN’s daily Top 10’s to all the funny moments. MrLougue1021 had a big following until early this year his account was removed. Why, we do not know. We do not know if it was TSN themselves or YouTube.

There was an outcry. Fans even made videos of the channels “passing”. What was the internet to do?

MrLouge1021 had over the course uploaded hundreds of videos around the web featuring some of TSN’s finest content. To some of you this is a stock pot of copyright infringement. Something that any corporation could employ someone to flag these videos to YouTube and get them removed. In fact a lot do.

When it comes down to it, MrLouge1021 is not posting videos to damage TSN. He is just one of their biggest advocates.

So to tackle the “problem”, what has TSN done? They employed him.

This morning on TSN’s Facebook page (and earlier on air), Jay Onrait announced that MrLouge1021 is working for TSN and will be posting all of the content via the following channels:

Facebook, twitter and TSN’ official YouTube.


Talk about knowing your online audience and where you fit into that. A great example of old media adapting to new forces and a top example of changing thinking on how to tackle a problem. Well done TSN.

What are some great examples you have seen of corporations handling a potential online issue in a positive way?


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  • Matthew Dykstra

    Wow that was way to smart of TSN wish corporations like WWE would do that I and many others have been asked to take down content with WWE videos, logos and old footage and logos like WCW or WWE Classics and if WWE would employ some of us then that would stop the copyright infringment. TSN did the right move in hirering him to do their social media.. think of someone who is an avid movie buff and posts anything he can about a movie including trailers, a studio like MGM or Disney could use some one like that to head up all of their social media.

    To many corporations and even YouTubers don’t know how to impliment this type of stuff in an organized manor. I myself am still learning. I know people who have gone to college for Website and Social media and they still don’t get it right. Corporations need us and we need them. This is a great move of Old School TSN (Bell Media) and New School YouTube & Facebook merging to form one great marriage of stuff that will benifit the die hard TSN watchers and the new younger people that want to find stuff online like myself.