L ast night at 7pm AEDST Australia’s online equivalent to Boxing Day sales or the USA’s Black Friday fell down in spectacular fashion.

Click Frenzy, a 24 hour online sales event, has been promoted heavily over the past few weeks. Retailers were promising spectacular savings, a lot of retailers got on board. It seemed like a win for everyone.

Within the first couple of minutes of the event, Click Frenzy was hit by an unplanned amount of users that bought the Click Frenzy portal to its knees.

The retailers part of Click Frenzy who were awake and on the ball directed users to their stores via social media.

The Click Frenzy site was barely operational for hours and the whole thing looked to have been a spectacular failure.

Click Frenzy’s blindingly arrogant posting of deals (that no one can get to) on it’s Facebook page and responses to it’s one time fans only served to inflame the issue. The responses of Click Frenzy’s Facebook and twitter communities, highlighted just how right you have to get it in the online world.

David Jones also decided to get with the momentum by starting it’s own event. It too fell flat on it’s face.

I could go on and on about how and why this happened and what should have been done, however one thought stick firmly in my mind.

This is a massive wake up call for Australian E-Tail.

This event highlighted:

  • That many Australian E-Tailers are under resourced and did not comprehend the amount of traffic a good deal online can bring.
  • That many Australian retailers view online as an avenue of selling surplus stock. There were a lot of complaints last night that selection was limited and that the store treated it as a dumping ground.
  • Many Australian retailers are not on the ball with online communication streams. Many who were part of Click Frenzy were not active on their Facebook pages or on twitter. Customers certainly loved those who were and directed them to the correct site without having to go through the Click Frenzy site.
  • That if the price is right the people will come. For far too long retail and some Aussie e-tail have not offered any incentive to buy online price wise. The deals are often not good enough or it’s the same price that is in the bricks and mortar stores. While this is an understandable tactic, it certainly does not attract the majority of online shoppers who shop on a global level.
The load of Click Frenzy highlighted every weakness in Australian Retail. We can only hope that those involved were watching, listen and learning.
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