A s I sit here occasionally glancing at the hashtag #PBEVENT for this years Problogger conference, it has occurred to me that I have taken a new path since last years Problogger conference.

Darren Rowse - Photography Blogger Extrodinaire

Darren Rowse – Photography Blogger Extrodinaire (Photo credit: kk+)

Darren Rowse aka Problogger is a big deal in the online and blogging worlds. His fame comes from being one of the first to earn a smashing income from blogging alone. Being an Aussie and a Melbournite I knew of Darren, however had no idea of his fame until I was over in Canada a few years ago at a tweetup. Whenever I mentioned I was from Melbourne, I was asked “do you know Darren Rowse – Problogger?”

Arriving super early at the event (I was pumped!), I hung out downstairs for about an hour. A wave of doubt came over me. Who am I? I’m not a real blogger. Why am I here?

Of the bloggers that I knew, some were full time and some were blogging to compliment a business. I was simply doing it as an outlet of my knowledge, ideas and opinions in my professional space. All of a sudden, confidence gone and I was super shy.

The nervousness disappeared however when I spotted a few people I knew well.

Carla being the warm soul that she is hollered out to me and we walked in together. Then I saw the lady who years ago pushed and convinced me to give the online space a go Serena Star Leonard.

Even though Serena and I don’t chat that much, Serena is the first outside of my family who believed that I could make my online dreams happen. All this at a time when I was lost and trying to answer the question “surely there has to be more to life than this?”. Serena convinced me there was. Therefore she gets the credit as the person who changed my life direction to the path I am on now. To finally meet was as always, awesome.

Now that I finally had found my peeps it was time to get started.

Darren was his usual calm, confident, utterly genuine self. The room was dead silent when he was speaking, except there was a gasp when we saw a picture of him WITH hair!

The speakers were all informative and inspiring, the workshops even more so.

To cut a long story short and avoid a step by step recollection of last year, it was a fantastic day. Darren had unleashed a beast in us all.

I was reminded that we don’t get many conferences in Australia about the online space, especially with speakers of the likes at the Problogger Event. It was obvious that Australia wants more.

So what have I learnt, what have I done and what has happened since last years Problogger Event?

What I’ve Learnt

  • I learnt that it’s ok to be me. My worldwise base of subscribers and tweeps confirm every day, that being yourself and what you’re passionate about has an audience.
  • I’m not alone in trying to create a profile in a niche. It’s what it’s all all about in the end. I previously felt like I was the only one, as many in my previous circles were doing their best to avoid technology.
  • In terms of an industry and community, the online space is as supportive as you will find. It is incredibly motivating when those around you are supportive instead of competitively destructive.
  • There is room on the internet for us all. Anything you can think of you can create and make something of. Someone out of the 8 billion on this planet may want it.
  • More about blogs, hosting, wordpress, code, SEO than I ever imagined that I had the capability to absorb.
  • I prefer to do and not talk about everything I do and every startup that is under way. Too many already do so and too many are no further forward 12 months later. In other words, I’ve learnt to shut up and keep it off line.

What I’ve Done

  • I sat down with Mike from The Blog Designers and had two blogs made, millionsofmyles (this one) and my passion blog Canucks Australia.
  • The Canucks blog was created to make it easier for Ice Hockey fans to keep in touch with the sport and team they love. It has captured a community of Ice Hockey fans in Australia that are starved of their favourite sports team and want more. Exactly my intention.
  • The Canucks Blog has also made me a ‘something’ in Vancouver, Canada. I do a bit of media over in my other home country. Each time they are amazed that there are Ice Hockey fans in Australia and are touched that people around the world love their team as well.
  • I partnered with Jeremy Irvine on a few initiatives, one of them The Armchair Selector – Sports for the fans, by the fans. I am truly grateful for our writers on this blog that give us awesome content to grow the family we are a part of.
  • Joined a few Meetup communities and created some of my own. These have been fantastic networking events.
  • Met up with inspiring individuals offline. It’s amazing how we all recognise that we are all playing the same game and freely exchange advice and time to help each other.
  • Started reading more and reading past first glance. It may not be visually appealing to me, but the content tends to be fantastic.

What has happened

  • Everything I put time into grows (eventually). It’s been an amazing discovery.
  • Was invited by the PR Warrior – Trevor Young to assist in starting Meetup group – Melbourne Media Makers. An honour.
  • Joined and was invited to speak at Melbourne Bloggers Club.
  • My blogs have brought me many media, advertising and paid enquiries. All of which have expressed the same problem. A problem that I am finding a solution for (stay tuned).
  • This blog was interesting enough for ABC RN Drive to contact me and ask me to be on their regular twitterati segment. Looking at who previously spoke, I am honored to be in such company.
  • Invited to be part of part of a group of people who I admire in the online space. Once again, an honor.
  • I have gained great friends and counsel. You know who you are.
  • This part of my life keeps accelerating. Bring it on.

There are many other things that have happened and that I have done which I do not wish blog about, but it’s fair to say last years Problogger Event has taken me down a fantastic path.

I can only hope for some of you this years Problogger Event brings you your own version of progression and success.

See you there tomorrow.

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Myles has worked in the Automotive Industry for over 12 years. He specialises in the adaption of the Automotive Industry to the online world and Customer Service.
  • http://twitter.com/beltedradial Mick McWilliams

    Tomorrow? Dammit, you just got me interested and I’m 45 hours drive away! I’ve noticed your evolution too. Aside from the sharp blog design, your writing has become much more confident and succinct (a talent I have yet to develop). 😀 I’m hoping I’ll get the opportunity (read: time) to try and get at least some professionalism on my blog one day.

    ….not today, but one day 😉

    • millionsofmyles

      Thanks Mick. Your supports helps and is valued and noted. I don’t blog as much as I’d like but comments like this will help do more. Thanks mate.

  • http://twitter.com/BeingSerenaStar Serena Star Leonard

    Hey Myles,

    Far out! Shucks, thanks for the mention! This is such an awesome blog to read – blogging is such an adventure and learning curve and I loving seeing the results you have created from nothing!

    Congrats! I am looking forward to seeing what is waiting at the end of another year!

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