Holden has released their Augmented Reality App for the Holden Volt, just in time for the Australian International Motorshow.

How it works

By simply pointing your camera equipped Apple iOS device at the Holden Volt brochure on pages that feature the Holden Volt icon, the Augmented Reality app brings the pages to life.

The app shows things like colour configuration, vehicle features and how the Volt’s systems work.

Holden Director of Marketing, Simon Carr said augmented reality would create new ways of sharing digital content for car buyers.

This new technology allows us to integrate our digital content with our brochure. We know that Volt users are likely to be avid users of the web and smart devices but we also know that car buyers still like to have a brochure to refer to while making their purchasing decision.

By offering the app on iOS devices, users can direct their device at the brochure wherever they see a Volt icon and can easily access dynamic, informative content.”

I recently caught up with Andrea Matthews – Social Media Manager for Holden for a demonstration.


Where you can get it

Simply pick up a Holden Volt brochure from a specialist Holden Volt dealer or order from Holden’s Volt Website.

Click below to download the app from the iTunes store. No word on Android or Windows devices yet.




Augmented Reality apps are only just scraping the surface. Like QR Codes, if used in the right way and thought of as something to help a potential customer/user the potential is endless.

Automotive manufacturers are using Augmented Reality to really give the user something more with traditional marketing methods.

Even basic things such as a Facebook logo could be enhanced for instant access.

When Andrea demonstrated the app, I was pretty amazed. The best point though was with a sketchy 3G connection, everything loaded quickly. Great coding and software design are obvious. Holden has done it well and got it right.

Holden and other manufacturers are to be commended for pushing the boundaries.

Thank you Andrea for the preview.

Images: GM Holden

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