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Staying open for business

In e-commerce or any situation where the party is at your place, being a good host is essential. It is something some of Australia’s retailers do not understand judging by todays Boxing Day retail rush. Myer, one of Australia’s leading bricks and mortal department stores has been struggling with ecommerce, or more so resisting ecommerce […]

The all Lego engine that runs on air

Life Size Lego Car

To many, someone asking over twitter to hand over some cash to fund a secret world changing project is a bit too risky, but that’s exactly what Steve Sammartino asked of the twitterati last year. Anyone interested in investing $500-$1000 in a project which is awesome & a world first tweet me. Need about 20 participants… […]

Pat O'Kane and Jon Olthuis holding Ali's creation.

Getting fans and customers by the heart strings

Intro In my recent work with the Melbourne Mustangs Ice Hockey Club I encountered a situation whereby I had to “compete” online with another club to show appreciation for a fan. For some reason, the Melbourne Mustangs have quite a few fans in Chicago, Illinois. Most likely due to Mustangs import, Pat O’Kane which has […]

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Steve Sammartino on the Super Awesome Micro Project

Last night I had the pleasure of catching up with Steve Sammartino, from the Beers Blokes and Business Podcast and who is also one of the founders of the Super Awesome Micro Project. The Super Awesome Micro project is a life size lego car, that has an engine that runs on air. Steve is an entrepreneur […]

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Holden and Qantas – National Pride vs Business


For the benefit of my international readers, something is causing a stir in Australia. Two of our ‘Aussie icons, Holden and Qantas are in trouble. Qantas Qantas is coming under increasing pressure in an international market. Jetstar is not performing and Qantas is struggling domestically against Virgin. Qantas is and has been for awhile struggling […]

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Using iOS7 in a way you have never seen

Christopher Hills youtube

While we are all sitting here moaning about the latest app update or finding little faults in iOS7, some people are using their devices in ways a lot of us have not even considered, and ways that luckily for most us, we don’t need to. Check out YouTuber, Christopher Hills. According to Chris’ twitter profile, […]

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Fixed price Service – It’s not about the price

Car salesman with client

Fixed price servicing. It’s the thing in the automotive industry right now, especially in Australia. If a manufacturer isn’t offering it currently they will in due course. However, is a fixed price servicing offer all about price? Will this be a race to the bottom? Will we see $0 price servicing in the next few years? […]

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Ford Launches Developer Program

Develop apps for the iOS and the Apple Store? Develop apps for Android in Google Play? Windows Phone? How about developing apps for your car! Ford has launched its mobile App Development program for its infotainment systems. This enables developers to comes up with ingenious apps that connects the car to the users connected life. A basic example is […]

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The best response to YouTube copyright infringement of all time


In Canada they have version of ESPN called TSN. Think of it like, ESPN but with humour and soul. Certainly not as dry and hardcore as ESPN. TSN have two resident “comedians”, Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole. Search for Jan and Dan TSN on YouTube and you will get thousands of clips featuring their finest […]

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Is the Automotive Industry ‘Dead man Walking’?

Something has been bothering me for awhile regarding the Automotive Industry. It’s not the age old argument of rising costs, suppliers going broke and manufacturers heading offshore. It’s something much more subtle. Something one usually wouldn’t link with the Automotive Industry. Smartphone use and dependence. A few months ago on my way home I tuned […]

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Click Frenzy – What can Aussie E-tail learn from this?

Last night at 7pm AEDST Australia’s online equivalent to Boxing Day sales or the USA’s Black Friday fell down in spectacular fashion. Click Frenzy, a 24 hour online sales event, has been promoted heavily over the past few weeks. Retailers were promising spectacular savings, a lot of retailers got on board. It seemed like a win for […]

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