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Staying open for business

In e-commerce or any situation where the party is at your place, being a good host is essential. It is something some of Australia’s retailers do not understand judging by todays Boxing Day retail rush. Myer, one of Australia’s leading bricks and mortal department stores has been struggling with ecommerce, or more so resisting ecommerce […]

The all Lego engine that runs on air

Life Size Lego Car

A life sized car made out of lego that is air powered. It’s every boys dream!

Pat O'Kane and Jon Olthuis holding Ali's creation.

Getting fans and customers by the heart strings

Going the extra mile for a customer or fan shouldn’t always be about showering them with gifts. You have to tap into their emotions.

Recent News

Steve Sammartino on the Super Awesome Micro Project

Last night I had the pleasure of catching up with Steve Sammartino, from the Beers Blokes and Business Podcast and who is also one of the founders of the Super Awesome Micro Project. The Super Awesome Micro project is a life size lego car, that has an engine that runs on air. Steve is an entrepreneur […]

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Holden and Qantas – National Pride vs Business


For the benefit of my international readers, something is causing a stir in Australia. Two of our ‘Aussie icons, Holden and Qantas are in trouble. Qantas Qantas is coming under increasing pressure in an international market. Jetstar is not performing and Qantas is struggling domestically against Virgin. Qantas is and has been for awhile struggling […]

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Using iOS7 in a way you have never seen

Christopher Hills youtube

Sometimes a little perspective with technology is what’s needed to let us realise how good we currently have it.

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Fixed price Service – It’s not about the price

Car salesman with client

Fixed price servicing. It’s the thing in the automotive industry right now, especially in Australia. So why is Fixed price servicing about customer service and not price?

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Ford Launches Developer Program

Develop apps for the iOS and the Apple Store? Develop apps for Android in Google Play? Windows Phone? How about developing apps for your car!

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The best response to YouTube copyright infringement of all time


What has Canada’s no.1 sports network done to tackle a YouTube Copyright Infringement issue?

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